Marquee Debut Reviewed

Bethan Shuff || May 29th

Fresh on the scene in March 2017, Marquee made their debut appearance at the Sugarmill the following month supporting The Albion, followed by supporting London band Judas in May. This month they released their debut single, Do What You Need, alongside B-side Playground Tales and they’re two very contrasting numbers.

Do What You Need opens with a slow finger picked guitar, winding through the notes like an old soul ballad, washy cymbals fluttering in the background while in the foreground Callum Lightfoot’s vocals swim through the speakers. As a home recorded track, it’s rough and ready; the imperfections adding character and reminding you that music isn’t always about being the best, it’s about having fun, self-expression and having a laugh with your mates. A cheeky little Oasis lyric sneaked into the track with ‘so take what you need and be on your way’, with Kieran Breese harmonising in the catchy chorus. Do What You Need is a relatively slow track, with a strong guitar presence and vocals being the heart of the track, providing a glance at what Marquee have in store for us.

Upon hearing B-side Playground Tales, I wanted to shake the band and ask them why they didn’t release this as the single. A funky, fast-paced Arctic Monkeys style bass line with the kick of a drum and the punch of a guitar gives you something to really bop along to. It’s a more up-tempo number with Kieran singing lead with a swagger to his voice and Callum bringing up the backing. Half the length of its A-Side, Playground Tales only gives you a minute and a half to have a dance; it’s a track I can see the lads playing at a gig and it’s the one where the beers go flying so that arms are free to boogie.

Having released two tracks already after only being together for two months, I’m intrigued to know what Marque have up their sleeve next.