Cheshire Band Begin Work On Album

REBEL Editorial || June 15th

Sonic A.M have entered into the studio with Producer Joe Meekums (Los Campesinos, Everything Everything) to begin work on their debut album.

Exactly a year on from recording their last release, 'What We Do When We Do Nothing' - Sonic A.M have begun work on their first album. It's being recorded at Oxbow Studios in Salford by Producer Joe Meekums, who's worked with acts such as Los Campesinos and Everything Everything. The album has been a work in progress since the bands inception two years ago and is described by the band as 'A chaotic, aggressive take on the rose-tinted lifestyle of the middle class.' A first single is expected soon.

Band member James Farmer said "It's been a long time in the works - we've had a few songs written before the band was even fully formed so it's cathartic to get them recorded the quality we've always wanted to"

"We've been playing the songs live for a while so it was no problem getting some live takes down, mostly in one evening. The rest of the time has been overdubbing some extra bits and tinkering with the sounds"

Farmer explained how Sonic AM have sat on the album tracks for some time, but have been in no rush to get the record out there, instead taking the time to make sure they were ready as a band for the release.

"The album has been around since not long after we got together - we tried recording it a few times but soon realised we just weren't ready for it. We'd spent most of the time since recording 'What We Do When We Do Nothing' talking about what to do next and not coming to many conclusions - I think it was probably the fact we have something like 50 songs ready to be recorded. We were put in touch with Joe after playing a gig in Salford and after what seemed like weeks of deliberation we were in the studio. The bulk of it was recorded live in about 12 hours on a hot summers day - next to a broken radiator stuck on full heat! We were so hot that day that I think the heat is actually audible on the record - Ross nearly passed out! We can't wait for people to hear it.'

To get the anticipation soaring even more, take a listen to the band's 2016 EP 'What We Do When We Do Nothing', which earned them a Best Rock Band nomination at the Music Awards of Staffordshire & Cheshire 2017.