Bethan Shuff

Orange for IKYKIK, red for Reflections… Thieves Asylum switching their colour scheme to yellow on their social media could only mean one thing – a new tune in the pipeline; and we didn’t have to wait long. That evening, one year after releasing the anthemic and ever so catchy IKYKIK, Thieves Asylum released another beast of a track: Look Inside.

There’s a Thieves Asylum track for everything. Noc Noc is the soundtrack for when something badass is going down; IKYKIK is the one you scream the lyrics at your mates to; Reflections is more of a chilled groove; and well, Look Inside will well and truly knock your socks off.

A synth stutters into the track alongside Dan Thompson’s hypnotic drum beat. The slick and groovy riff swaggers in with Alex Grocock’s more subtle but charming melody behind it. Look Inside effortlessly bringing in an electronic element into indie guitar music. Joey Tomasso’s distinct, charismatic vocals ease in with an ethereal reverb making you feel like you’re being spoken to by your inner-conscience. Thieves Asylum have really pushed their creative boundaries with Look Inside, to create something a little bit different.

An infectious dancey beat with James Perry’s grumbling bass line and that same funky riffage carries you from the chorus to the next verse, where the lads experiment more with the synth. Frontman Joey said ‘We experimented with a lot of synth sounds with Sam Bloor (Record Producer). We are working on another dimension to our live set to make things bigger’. The build up to the breakdown explores more new sounds and effects, both instrumentally and vocally, creating a vortex of trippy psychedelia. I think the addition of a synth to Thieves Asylum would be a massive step in the right direction, giving them even more versatility and scope for experimentation.

There are some exciting things in the Thieves Asylum pipeline, including new singles, new artwork designs and a new big gig announcement for Summer 2017. 

Look Inside is available to listen to here, and it will be out on all major platforms on June 30.