Onyda Unveils New Song 'Young And Stupid'

Leah Hamer || June 3rd

After causing a stir with her huge single, No Answers, the evocative and enchanting Onyda has returned with yet another daring piece of craftsmanship.

Her latest track, Young and Stupid, was released this evening to the world, and it manages to be just as mesmerising as her former work.

A distorted giggle and squeak open the track before a trancing beat vibrates, readying you for Onyda’s breathless voice. She haunts you with lyrics of a care-free life of youth that comes tumbling down. Beginning with a simple verse reminiscing in the days of harmless fun and teenage freedom, it all takes a sharp turn in the chorus and reveals a world that has become a far darker place.

The simplistic synth adds a protruding atmosphere into her vision throughout. With her stunning high voice combined with distorted backing vocals, her presence is demanding even through mere speakers.

Her concept is elaborated with an aesthetically seductive video, acting as the accompanying visual to Onyda’s lyrical narration, representing the honest reality of life. Beginning as an endless party of cigarettes and colour, it all turns south as Onyda chops off her long blue hair and we see a downward spiral of mistakes and misfortune.

After speaking to Onyda, it is clear that this song is far more poignant than it may appear to an outside eye. ‘With both the song and video I just wanted to be as honest as possible, the whole thing is a mirror image of my life (dare I say) and my friends lives too. I made a conscious effort to not sugar coat anything and put it forward in a sort of crass and direct way which may divide opinions but I poured my heart into it completely. I tried to make it into something people around me could identify with, like it's not meant to be 'cool' or serve any other purpose than that!’

As a performer, producer, director, editor, storyteller, artist and inspiration - Onyda has proved her worth in more ways than one with Young and Stupid.

Onyda’s Young and Stupid is available now to download, and the accompanying video will soon follow.