Divenire- Quaint Romance

Leah Hamer || August 18th

To witness the growth of a band is always a priceless pleasure. As they soar from venue to venue, develop their sound, forge their fan base and perfect their media image- it is a joyful experience to watch a band truly up their game. With their latest single Quaint Romance, Divenire have done just that.

The birth of Divenire was hasty and unexpected- overnight their line-up and name had changed, forcing them to work to work their way up the ranking system of local musicians once again. After the releases of their popular tracks, Arcade and Caravan, the boys cemented their place in the scene. Now, however, the charming four-piece have unleashed their brightest work to date.

The raspy, pop vocals of Dom Morgan open the track with confidence. With sweet guy-meets-girl lyrics, they remain true to their heart, continuing to create teen love songs that remind you of butterfly riddled stomachs and sweaty palms. Then the trendy melody of the guitars roll in from Dom and Josh Holmes. The verse plods on steadily before the dynamic chorus springs on you, with its edgy tones and popping dance-beat. Pulling away from standard structures, the second verse is full of impact and flows into the chorus once again seamlessly.

The track ends with echoing backing vocals and wavy distortion, bringing it all together in a polished and precise manner. Like a diamond pulled from the rough, Divenire have come out of Lower Lane Studios in their best condition yet. They have been wise students in the past few months- new graphics, new website, new image, new tracks, new attitude. They are clued up and ready to go.

 After their debut headliner went down a treat back in June, the charming four-piece are returning to soak up the limelight on September 1st, returning to The Sugarmill once again.

Quaint Romance is available to stream and download now: hyperurl.co/QuaintRomance