Marquee Double Track Review

Leah Hamer || August 2nd

Since forming mere months ago from the collective ashes of other projects, Marquee have been solidifying their place within the Stoke music ranks with every waking moment. Their continuous gigging has seen their name splattered across the walls of venues and the world of social media, allowing them to sink their claws into the ripe, young indie crowd. After the success of their first releases, Do What You Need and Playground back in May, they have made a hasty return to the land of recording.

Throw It Back was the first release we were granted with. Beginning with an isolated, grunged up, punk riff with that welcomes you in to their dirty little mix. Then comes the surprise- rapping. It is a complete contrast to their previous work that jolts you momentarily, after we have been used to the dual singing of Kieran and Calum. Think Beastie Boys meets Slaves. The rest of the track follows a marriage of rap and grunge, in a huge twist from the numbers that we have heard from the band previously. It is admirable to see their experimental nature as they try to break the moulds of local music- yet it needs to be scrubbed up with a good sponge and scourer. Although a decent mixing and mastering effort by George Hopkins, it could do with the polish and refinement of the studio to really hit it off.

Again showing another element of their established arsenal comes Sealed Wth A Kiss- a track that has washed ashore onto an entirely different continent to Throw It Back. Opening with a bass riddled with overdrive, there is a Nirvana-esque promise in the song. The bass continues below the haunting lyrics, ‘She walks like a ghost in the night/And she whispers my name as she turns out the light’. There is a dark theme to this track that is matched by the grizzly guitar and heavy drum beats- yet they are a little to symbol dominated for my liking. It is more of a traditional indie-rock track compared to its predecessor, so the question remains as to which direction the band will choose to favour in future.

Marquee have the ingredients to becoming a top-class band, yet so far they have given us a mixed bag of tracks with all varying styles. It is clear they are in the difficult early days of finding a sound that truly encompasses their identity. The tools are there, so with some more time to write and develop, followed by a good quality session in the studio, they will be ready to make their mark.

Marquee will perform live at The Session All Dayer at the Jolly Potters on Sunday 27th August.