Taskerz Return Transformed

Leah Hamer || August 3rd

With a fresh new line-up and a swanky new Z in their name, Stafford-born four-piece, Taskrz, have lived a year that has been heaped in change. Yet in the unmistakable valour of the original rock veterans and musical entrepreneurs, Jack and Sophie Bret Tasker, alongside the mystic violinist and blossoming florist, Laura Ellement, they have not allowed this change to inflict them. Instead they have continued to record and gig endlessly without a moments pause. Welcoming in the hearty new fingers of Rob Haubus on bass guitar, they have now been able to present their first collection of music together as this new power team, Heart That Bleeds.

An upbeat, twangy guitar pops your ears, followed by a series of snapping cymbals, before a charming melody intertwines itself into the title mix. Jack begins the steady vocal line, followed by the stormy distortion of Sophie’s striking voice in the chorus. Later, the stinging strings of Laura on the violin add an elegance and class to what could otherwise be categorised as a regular rock song. The most poignant moments come from the roaring crescendo of Jack’s repeated cries, ‘I know I’ve been a god damn fool’. The final moments trail off slowly after the rage of emotion to ease you gently back into silence.

A sneaky surprise follows with the second track, Baby Keep Walking, as you pick up on the saintly voice of local folk master, Nixon Tate, of the very same Nixon Tate and The Honey Club, who joins the rest of the crew. In this proud collaboration of native minds, the vocals of Sophie, Laura, Jack and Nixon are electrifying- each bringing a vibrant splash of colour to the edgy, experimental number. Filled with reverb and distortion, Baby Keep Walking, is a snappy ode to the badass attitude that Taskrz rock all day every day.

Recorded at DROMA and engineered by Jack Tasker himself, before being shipped off for some mastering over at UTC, both tracks are reflective of the versatility of Taskrz and the hands-on, caring craftsmanship that goes into the creations at DROMA. Listening to this alliance of local musicians is a joy and something to be aspired to.

Heart That Bleeds will be available to listen to and download on Wednesday 2nd August from: https://thetaskers.bandcamp.com/album/heart-that-bleeds

Taskrz will be performing live at The Market Vaults, Stafford, alongside Merrym’n on the same date, followed by The Swan Inn with Emily Jones on Thursday 3rd August.