Let Malthouse Electrify Your Soul

Leah Hamer || August 5th

Huddled away from the light of the local scene, Malthouse spent many months of last year in writing captivity, honing in on their art and revitalising their minds. To the pleasure of fans, they made their comeback earlier this year with an appearance on The Honey Box that teased the audience with the hope for new material in the distant future. That future has become the present. Taken from Extracts of the Soul, the soon-to-be released live EP from the boys, comes the lead single, Electrify Your Soul.

Immediately the shiver-inducing falsetto of Kieran Oakes tingles your heart, as you smile to yourself with the thought, Malthouse are back. A gentle, twinkling guitar melody accompanies the dreamy vocal line, as volume and passion grows like a vine into the robust chorus. Full of energetic wisdom and slick, bluesy guitar work- it is everything the local four-piece excel at and more. It trickles back into a tranquil verse before the tumbling drumbeat of Matt Grinham leads you once again back into the key of the chorus. Charming backing harmonies add depth and charm, emphasising the range of Kieran as he explores the octaves with ease and grace.

Recorded and mastered under the watchful eye of Sam Bloor, it has the crisp cleanliness of the Lower Lane maestro. Undoubtedly, the release has quenched our thirst- yet there is a longing for more and an eager anticipation as to what Extracts of the Soul will bring.

Sultry, slick and, as the name suggests, filled with soul, Electrify Your Soul has reignited fire of Malthouse.