Martin Gooding || August 8th

Grime, ahhhhh Grime. I've always had a troubled relationship with Hip Hop's British cousin, at times exhilarating, some times captivating but mostly lost on me. The latest EP "Luke Who's Talking" by local MC L.F.E dips it's toes into each of those categories at points but the one thing it absolutely confirms is that we have a very special talent on our hands.
The first track "Artist" sets the bar very, very high with a mesmerically adept study of his position within the current music scene. The song features one of the finest lines on the record and one that I feel says alot of L.F.Es artistic and personal outlook
"No slave to another man's pyramids"

L.F.E is an artist not afraid to step outside peoples preconceptions and step outside the limitations of genre and concept, these aren't single syllabic club bars, these are eloquent and intricate in equal measure.

The EP reaches another high with the first verse of "My City". L.F.E really showing off his skills as a poet and a storyteller, taking us on a journey that first feels like he's criticising but quickly becomes an ode to to the people that do us proud, those that rise above their limitations.
"Go Ahead" is the epitome of a solid club record, guaranteed to liven up any party and "Peak" hits all the right notes. Throughout, the record is enjoyable and is at its very best when L.F.E is deep in multi-syllabic flow, tearing a new niche for himself in the local scene, at its worst it's a very enjoyable grime record guaranteed to hold it's own against any MCs in the city.

Watch L.F.E's live performance on The Honey Box below.