Spoil Sport- Magpie

September 14th || Leah Hamer

Fresh meat. There’s nothing better. Well, if by meat you mean music, and by fresh you mean new, of course. A debut release is a chance for upcoming talent to make an imprint on society and tell us all who they really are. This is exactly what all-female four-piece Spoil Sport have done with Magpie.

Let’s be honest, Stoke have been gagging for a girl-band around here for yonks. And not a bunch of squeaky, silicone, badly contoured princesses lip-syncing either. I mean proper cool lasses that dare to be different and chose to make interesting and intriguing music- which is exactly what the members of Spoilsport are and do.

Fuzzing feedback opens the track, with a ghostly voice singing in the distance like an eerie enchantress. Then the juicy riff comes thudding in, with flickers of a distorted guitar and a dense bass line following. A steady drum beat pours in afterwards before the volume is stripped back, to make way for the colossal vocals of Agatha Riley. The simple and short verse structure prepares you for the punch of the dramatic chorus- as all the instruments parade back in with the repetitive and quirky vocals, Black and white fly over me/Black and white come set me free. The lyrics are loaded with curiosity and mystique, yet remain catchy and memorable.

Deep and dusky, the rest of the track continues- experimenting with light and dark sound, pulsating in and out of your speakers. There are sprinkles of Wolf Alice and Yeah Yeah Yeahs throughout with all of the band members holding the same badass image, sound and attitude of their respective frontwomen. Imagine four Ellie Rowsells or four Karen Os.

A remarkable aspect of this is the maturity that the entire band have brought into the studio- this does not sound like an amateur debut, it has been crafted with thought and imagination, helped even more by the skillful hands of Sam Bloor at Lower Lane. Spoil Sport are a powerhouse of talent already.

Engaging, intelligent and addictive- Magpie is a piece of bliss and Spoil Sport are ones not to miss.            

Magpie by Spoilsport will be available to stream and download soon.