Spoiled- Even They Would Not Sit Back And Do Nothing


September 15th || Leah Hamer

They say one is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do. Not for Luke Medlock though. After showing his prowess in All The Best Tapes and being the photo/video whiz behind so many well-loved local creations, he is venturing into the big wide world of solo work with his latest project, Spoiled. Fresh from the studio with Sam Bloor as the mixing man, here is his debut release, Even They Would Not Sit Back and Do Nothing.

With a distorted fuzz the track plummets into a black hole of destruction. The gravelled scream of Luke claws its way into your ear drums- well, what remains of them. There’s no messing around with this one- straight in there with the chaos, none of this messing around with an intro malarkey. The intensity and volume is overwhelming as the gnarly guitar and deafening drums explode all around you. Screeches of feedback and symbols bashing up and down surround your consciousness, even for the remaining moments after the song has turned silent. With filthy guitar solos and relentless vocals, it is hard to comprehend that this is all just one bloke in a studio.

Luke in general is a pleasant human who likes dogs and taking photos, so to hear him unleash such aggression is compelling, to say the least. But his talent undoubtedly needs to be remarked upon- flying solo is by no means an easy task and to be so proficient in so many musical elements definitely requires some applause from us all.

Dirty and invasive, Even They Would Not Sit Back and Do Nothing has given Luke a platform to showcase his diverse skill set. Spoiled is a project that we need more from.

Even They Would Not Sit Back and Do Nothing is out on Monday 18th September.