Psyence- Black Hole


September 16th || Bethan Shuff

Back in February, Psyence took the title of Best Band at The Music Awards of Staffordshire and Cheshire. Shortly after, they proved why with their debut EP ‘A New Dawn’. Between then and now, Psyence have been busying themselves with some big name festivals like Tramlines, Sound Ciy and Festival Number 6. What we didn’t know was the behind the scenes Psyence were in the studio creating some magic and have popped out a single, the first of 2017: Black Hole. Sucked in yet? You will be.

Spacy guitars and reverb vocals invite you into the world of Psyence, the inner workings of their mastermind musical ventures. Listening to Psyence is like having an outer-body experience; it takes you to a new level of psychedelic trance you didn’t know existed. You are snapped back to reality by the sound of Joe Walsh’s kit and a funky little guitar lick.

Black Hole takes risks. Each segment of the track contrasting with the previous one, yet fitting in so well – you never know what direction it’s going to take next, but it’s the right one.

A kaleidoscope of trancy synths and swirling guitars are accompanied by the catchy hook of the chorus ‘someone save me I think I fell into a black hole’ Steve Pye sings, with soft echo backing vocals of ‘down I go again.’ This song will be circling around your head for days.

Not heard it yet? No problem. Check out Black Hole here: