thisisldm- EP Release


September 28th || Leah Hamer

thisisldm- ƎP A˩T. What are these cryptic letters you may wonder? In the blissful knowledge of its creator, however, it all makes perfect sense. Liam Munday- the brilliant mind behind Shared Systems, is of course the only owner of these letters. After starting the project back in 2010 and releasing several tracks over the years, he has returned once more to inject some weird into our lives.

                First on the EP to mess you up is run.exe, a stop-start, twisted, experimental dance piece. Based on tumbling drums and distorted synths, it is fit for an underground, nuclear nightclub or a post-apocalyptic zombie film. It is absorbed by the following track, Antimatter, a laser-zapping, Space Invader number. With fuzzy experimental streaks, clashing against sporadic, popping melodies.

                Death Rattle continuously builds with an array of ascending melodies, before a darker bass tornadoes in, with a heavier rock god vibe. The deep set tones contrasting with the occasional echoing sonar in the background. The track then plunges into Damaged Goods- a one minute and a half power punch of white noise and plummeting drums.

                Penultimate track iamerror has a groove in the beat to begin, then it transforms into a robotic fairy tale- flicking between villainous metal, to a spacey video game soundtrack. Without a seconds pause, it flows perfectly into Central Market. With a background noise reminiscent of Pacman munching, it makes the entire room vibrate. Intricate and captivating- you can’t help but let it overflow into your brain.

                thisisldm- ƎP A˩T is a piece of experimental dance glory- daring to go beyond and explore the vast galaxy of beats and sound, for our listening pleasure.

It is available for free download at: