Fears Chella- Lush


September 30th || Leah Hamer

After releasing hit after hit since their formation last year, Fears Chella are continuing their streak of bangers with their latest release, Lush- a fizzy, slinky indie-pop topper about a piece of eye candy (not the bath bomb shop).  

Wavy, glitter indie springs at you instantly, with bubbly guitar tones and upbeat, popping drums. Tingling with electricity, the vocals guide you on a loved up story- keep everything simplistic and catchy, especially in the chorus. The hazy repetition of she’s so lush is trendy and memorable. Despite the marshmallow pop tinges running through it, there are enough sprinkles of grunge to rough it up a bit. It is a harmonious balance of influences and genres that Fears Chella have nailed on the head. In accordance with the standard structure, it ends with a final chorus, completing the dream-pop anthem naturally.

Lush is a three minute burst of vibrant energy that gets you in the mood for a groove and feeling proper lovely and lush.

Lush is available to stream and download now.