Ghost At The Regent Theatre

REBEL Editorial // 24th March

‘Ghost’ has touched all of our lives and had us crying into a tissue at some point, and if not you’re missing out on a giant sob fest. Lucky for us, the Regent Theatre has given us the golden ticket to allow all generations, young and old, to relive the romantic and heart wrenching fantasy-thriller in the live musical version of the film.

Andy Moss plays our main character, Sam, originally portrayed by Patrick Swayze who unfortunately comes to an abrupt and tragic death. His co-star, Carolyn Maitland seamlessly plays the grief-stricken Molly as we watch their journey through life and death as they both try to deal with the aftermath of Sam’s murder. Carl, played by Sam Ferriday and Oda Mae, played by Jacqui Dubois gave a show-stopping rendition of their characters and had every viewer running through a whirlwind of emotion.

The Regent Theatre has been notorious through the years for its incredible band and special effects, and Ghost the Musical was a prime example of what they can do. With actors floating in slow-motion in mid-air before crashing down into the stage, walking through doors and being dragged to hell, it’s an incredible showcase of what years of experience can do. From lighting, to sound and to the perfect choreography, there wasn’t a moment when the team wasn’t going all out to wow the audience and it shone through into every moment we watched.

Jacqui Dubois was a true gem of the performance, her portrayal of Oda Mae was tear-wrenchingly funny and added the light-hearted humour needed to break up the sobbing the rest of the show created. Throughout the performance you watch her change from a cocky ‘medium’ out to take the money of the vulnerable, to an annoyed message sender of the dead, to a caring individual after befriending Sam. Dubois makes this transition perfectly, whilst Moss and Maitland seemed to have a real emotional bond that made the performance so much more real. During the tear-jerking pottery scene where Sam, as a ghost climbs behind his beloved Molly, there wasn’t a dry eye in sight and real shivers ran down the entire of my body and as I drew my eyes away from the stage, I felt everyone I looked at was experiencing the same emotions.

Knowing the story from the film original, I went in believing I would leave the theatre sad and depressed, but in reality I left exceedingly happy and thoroughly enjoyed the entirety of the performance. The band, actors and the entire crew behind the scenes created an incredible, jaw-dropping experience that you’d expect to view in a giant-budget West End show, a performance that makes you truly proud to be a part of such a thriving creative city. Every song, every characters line and every dance just oozed with passion and created a truly memorable performance.