Wonderland At The Regent Theatre

Bethan Shuff || July 11th

‘You’re entirely bonkers; but let me tell you a secret. All the best people are.’

From Monday 10 – Saturday 15 July, The Regent is home to a spine-tingling adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass called Wonderland.

As the curtain lifts, a subdued Alice is having the worst 40th birthday ever, and it’s not even midday yet. Her car has been stolen, her ex-husband has announced he is re-marrying, she’s been fired and she’s dropped her keys in the gutter.

While moping about the living room about having no dreams and not wanting to live in the real world, a chaotic white rabbit runs about the room. Alice’s daughter, Ellie, chases him into an out-of-order elevator and they disappear into the abyss. Alice and her neighbour Jack then follow the white rabbit into the lift themselves in order to find Ellie. The newbies get an incredibly warm welcome into Wonderland by all the crazy characters we love including the Cheshire Cat and Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee.

Alice, Ellie and Jack find themselves exploring Wonderland and meeting each of the characters, from the relaxed and soulful caterpillar with his cryptic advice, the agile and acrobatic trickster – The Cheshire Cat who leads the gang to The Looking Glass.

The sets and costumes are incredible, with a hypnotic and trippy hallucinogenic vibe that’s sucks you into the story and makes you question what is reality and what is Wonderland.

No-one in Wonderland has yet gone through The Looking Glass. Once you go through, you come back as an alternate version of yourself. Ellie is the first to run through, returning as an overly stroppy and sarcastic teen as opposed to her overbearingly responsible and sensible self. Jack finds himself as a hot, confident hero who finally admits his feelings for Alice, who it still too scared to go through. Alice is desperate to remain blind to responsibility and adulthood instead of finding out who she really is.

Ellie then meets the dangerously energised Mad Hatter, a sort of shy and submissive character. For some strange reason, she fails to turn up for her tea party where we finally meet the tyrant that is The Queen of Hearts. Ellie is trying to convince everyone to overthrow the queen, however, the Queen of Hearts is no longer the only problem as the Mad Hatter returns from going through The Looking Glass as a raunchy, power hungry hatter who dictates to the subjects of Wonderland.

Will the queen be overthrown? Will the Mad Hatter rule Wonderland? Who’s head will be off? Will Alice brave The looking Glass and find herself? Will there be a happily ever after? Find out this week at The Regent Theatre.